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User Biography: CANTILEVER SHELVING RACKING The cantilevered racking features outward extending cantilevers, which storage racking with advantages of light structure and good performance on loading capacity. It's very suitable for storing some special materials which of irregular or peculiar length likes long pipe, wood board,lumber etc., can be great helpful to improve warehouse space utilization and picking efficiency. Cantilever racking can be made with arms of single side or double sides. You can put panels on the arms to get function as same as common shelving racking. Easy to manage and wide visual field is high suitable for warehouse that is small space and low density. Compare with ordinary shelving, cantilever shelving gets better space utilization, more convenient picking, faster operation and better clear at a glance of goods Starter Rack Add-On Rack Cantilever storage racking system can be composed of a starter unit which contains a pair of column upright, a couple of base and the steel arms, or lots of add-on units. It depends on the size of your warehouse and actual materials storage requirements.Longspan Shelving suppliers website:http://www.ecoracking.com/shelving/.

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