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  • Maronita 4 years ago


  • beibeier 5 years ago

    add me plz cos im new plz plz plz

  • beibeier 5 years ago

    love this game

  • justin123 5 years ago

    gustong gusto ko ang mario

  • mario fan 5 years ago

    this game a rocks

  • Courtney123 6 years ago

    awsome game

  • albica 6 years ago

    yes im sik

  • MarioFan1 6 years ago

    cool..I guess

  • Sienna 6 years ago

    Just go suck a dick!

  • cbgbty 6 years ago

    what are you saing

  • ylse 6 years ago

    it just wont loud

  • ylse 6 years ago

    ar jo al sik or somfing

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About the game

Infinite Mario

Infinite Mario Brothers is a cool Mario game where your mission is to kill all the enemies by jumping over them and reach the flag at the end of each level to progress to the next. You have to visit different worlds and bonus levels to score as many points as possible. Collect coins to score extra points. Eat mushroom to grow bigger and flower to throw fire balls. Use the keyboard left and right arrow keys to walk, press S key to jump or do actions, and A key to throw fireballs.

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